Cultivation under optimal conditions

Calathea requires a special method in cultivation technology. The plant grows in the wild as a shade plant, which does not like direct sunlight. If there is too much sunlight, the leaves soon curl up. In the two branches of Gebr. Valstar, the climatological conditions are ideal for cultivating Calathea. Screen installations protect the plants from the sun, starting with the first rays in the spring, and the humidity is high. With their years of experience cultivating Calathea, the staff can optimally anticipate the latest trends: compact growth and a bushy plant.

Considerable attention is also paid to the environmental aspect. Gebr. Valstar B.V. is a certified MPS grower and uses a minimum of chemical agents in combatting disease and infestations in the crop. Biological protection gets maximal attention during cultivation. In addition, Gebr. Valstar is associated with FFP¬ Fair Flowers Fair Plants and thus asserts the importance of sustainable cultivation¬ with respect for man and the environment of plants.

Also breeder and propagator

Gebr. Valstar has its own section in Roosendaal for breeding and propagating. By keeping the cultivation of young plants under their own control, the quality of the plants can be optimalised. The cuttings are also marketed commercially. To retain exclusivity, Gebr. Valstar has developed its own exclusive varieties that only it cultivates: the Star collection. The breeding of Calatheas is a continuous process that has made the company famous: its own varieties like Greystar and Triostar have won Holland Awards for the best innovation in plant breeding.

The plants are supplied in their own packaging, with a pot, a cover and a label individualised for the customer.

The most important pot sizes used for cultivation are 19 and 12 cm in diameter. Given the modern buffer system with its large capacity, there is always stock ready, so the customer's wishes can be met immediately.