A company with a past and a future

The basis of Gebr. Valstar B.V. was laid in 1978, when founder Jac. Valstar began cultivating Marantaceae in Honselersdijk. Three decades later, Gebr. Valstar has branches in Maasland (main office), Roosendaal and Brazil. On an area of circa 100,000 square meters, the accent lies on the cultivation of Calathea, one of the most important genera of the Marantaceae family.

Gebr. Valstar B.V. not only supplies Calathea, it also breeds and propagates them. We regularly travel to Brazil, to search for new varieties of this decorative plant. They can be found in the jungle, where the Marantaceae family originates. There are currently 60 known varieties of Calathea. No one knows how many there are in total. But every 'Calathea expedition' finds attractive new commercial varieties.

Two branches

Both in Maasland and in Roosendaal Gebr. Valstar has a company covering 5 ha. Both companies are very modern in design, optimally outfitted for the cultivation of houseplants. Automation and logistics are highly integrated. This means that cultivation tasks in the greenhouse are no longer done by human hands: wider spacing is done by machine. For sorting Gebr. Valstar has an ingenious camera system. This method of working ensures optimal quality and uniformity. The companies are also energy efficient. The Roosendaal branch uses residual heat from a waste processing company.

The Calatheas from Gebr. Valstar are shipped by exporters to markets primarily in Germany, the UK, Spain, France, Italy, eastern Europe and Russia. For marketing, Gebr. Valstar is associated with the marketing organisation Decorum.